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I’m Writing For Byline on Standing Rock Sioux Tribe NoDAPL Dispute

Okay, a quick note to say I’ll be writing about the long-standing legal dispute between the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Dakota Access Pipeline companies. All of this work will be on Byline. Sorry.

PSA for any Native Americans following my work or helping me by providing content and information:

Operate on the assumption that I have zero knowledge of your culture, geography, and/or laws. That isn’t quite true, but it’s probably the best way to proceed. This means: I’ll probably make some errors in spelling and the accuracy of details covering e.g. cultural practices. I want you to feel completely comfortable about checking me on anything like that. My Direct Messages on Twitter are open, and you can drop me a line there or in the comments below with any corrections that need to be made to make that more accurate and reflective of the truth.

Thank you to everyone who is providing me with information, video footage, interviews, photography, and anything else I’m relying on to make this work. I wouldn’t be able to write much without you – this is an us thing, not an I thing. If I’ve used your content (e.g. video) and you feel I need to make better attribution of who it came from, again, just let me know and I’ll do precisely that. I’m seeking permission before using any content, so if you want to volunteer that permission that will make things move a bit faster. Again DM me on Twitter (or leave a comment below linking to your content).

I think that’s more or less everything. If I think of anything else, I’ll update this post accordingly. For now, here’s some music and poetry:

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