About Sara T’Rula

Hi there, my name’s Sara and I’m guessing you’re visiting my site either because you know me or because you’ve had reason to search my name in Google and landed here as a result. I have a pretty uncommon name like that. Yoruba.

This site is an open notebook of my ideas about a range of topics – I’m figuring out what the boundaries are for which content will/won’t be published here in a pretty ad hoc way, so if you stick around you’ll no doubt see this place evolve with time.

”I think in order to work out what to write. I write in order to figure out what I’m thinking.”

Most of the content will reference politics, technology, or the arts. I read Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Oxford University and then worked in politics for a while. I currently write for Open Labour about politics as well. I’ve played guitar since my teens, and work as a photographer. Growing up in the Internet Age, I was an early adopter of social media platforms like Facebook, and I’m learning code in fits and bits. The political and economic implications of tech are fascinating.

When not teaching me to play guitar, my dad was an extra in Boys From The Black Stuff (the black guy in the blue flat cap):

I interviewed the manager of Liverpool Football Club when I was 10, met Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters when I was 14, and went on tour with Peter Green and John Mayall in my later teens. One day, I’ll learn to surf. In the meantime, snowboarding is pretty cool. Swimming is the best meditation, and I need to get back to that.

You can find me on a bunch of social media platforms – the weird name makes me easy to search for on your favourite one – but I mostly use Twitter these days, and you can follow me @saratrula there. My Facebook is generally kept private – I rarely accept friend requests there unless I know the person well these days.

Did I miss anything out?