Content By Others

Coming soon – this page will detail a variety of sources (books; video; projects; etc) that I consider worth the time to investigate. It will be split by category, to facilitate easy searching, and will include links to source material wherever possible. In many cases, “links” will mean a book’s Amazon page, or a video’s Youtube or Amazon/iTunes link. But I would urge you to begin by contacting your local library for this content – in many cases, libraries will hold the material you’re looking for. In cases where they don’t hold it, your request could help to change that. I own a lot of books because I’m a geek but, without libraries, the public can’t reasonably be said to be fully democratic since ongoing access to education is a vital foundation for being able to make an informed choice. And a political choice that isn’t an informed choice is really no choice at all.


Update – US elections coverage

If you want to follow the current elections for Democrat and Republican candidates for the Presidential Elections, I’d recommend the following two youtube channels for some great short videos discussing the Debates and policies. Easy to dip in and out of.

The Young Turks

Secular Talk